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Basic installation and usage instructions for Spacetime

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Installing spacetime and Python for use in R Studio

Spacetime is currently a python code base but can be accessed in the R Studio environment using the reticulate package. This will allow the user to switch back and forth between Python and R in a R Markdown file. The following link gives installation instructions.

For members of the team that already use python, feel free to use the code base/future library in the way that you prefer. I will list the link to the repositiry on github and a driver script containing the loaded files and function paths at its head for your use.

Some of us may not use python on a regular basis, so I have set up some basic instructions for getting spacetime up and running on your machines for testing purposes. The general stratagy here is to install python 3.9 or higher, create a python environment to use in R Studio using the “reticulate” package. Next, we will install the dependancies (python libraries) required to use Spacetime, clone the repository that contains the Spacetime source code, and use an R markdown template that I will provide below to use the spacetime functions. Detailed instructions for each of these steps are below. A very helpful video for walking through these steps can be found here.

Everything should be working at this point, now you can look at the vignettes below for inspiration on how to use spacetime with your own data. This is a very early in-house version, so problems with the code are expected. When you find issues or have suggestions etc. give me a shout and I will note it and start working on a fix. If you have probems installing python and getting everything up and running, send me an email.